OxeFit is developing an ecosystem of products and data solutions for people that believe a better version of themselves is possible, for those that want a smarter path to get there and for doers that want to keep moving forward.

We are revolutionizing strength and rehab sectors, generating long-term value in elite athletics, sports medicine, rehabilitation, military, professional and consumer markets.

The OxeFit platform removes the limitations of traditional strength training, using data-driven insights to customize and plan your workouts, making them more effective and providing more consistent results, so that you stay motivated and never stop moving forward.

Challenge yourself, your friends and your communities as you track your progress through diverse and engaging content experiences. The OxeFit connected content platform provides opportunities to learn, connect, create and share as you move toward a stronger life and develop your best version of you.

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Discover the team of scientists, strength coaches and business leaders behind the OxeFit platform.

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